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  • Macy Daggitt

Unique Quarantine Opportunities

Normally my Scribbling blog is all about fun and local activities to get you out of the house and engaging in local culture, but since we're living through a global pandemic, now is not a good time to be out and about exploring. At this point, it’s likely that you’ve watched all of “Tiger King,” are pretty sick of daily walks and are ready for life to go back to normal. Although I can’t make that happen, today I can bring you some fun activities that you can do from your couch that might, at least, make you feel like you’re out in the real world.

You most likely have gone hiking at least once or twice since Spring Break began, so if you’re starting to tire of your normal hiking trails, the National Parks Service offers a plethora of virtual tours, hikes, and live streams of their national parks and monuments. Their tours include Yellowstone National Park and the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

Additionally, many artists and bands are doing virtual concerts. Many fans were disappointed when long-awaited concerts were canceled, but the good news is that many shows moved online. My friend and I got dressed up and pretended like we were still going out to a concert, even though it was just online, and it was almost as fun as the real thing. A line-up of virtual tours can be found here, and it is constantly being updated with new shows:

Many museums are offering online galleries and tours, so you can see exhibits without having to go to the museums in person. Even the most high profile museums are offering online visits, including the Louvre and the British Museum.

The tours can be accessed here:

While exploring and visiting sights virtually isn’t the same when it’s not in person, we are living through difficult times, and these virtual substitutes are worth a shot. So, if you’re willing to spend a few extra minutes in front of your computer to pretend you’re not in quarantine, these activities might make being at home a little more fun and scratch your itch to be outside. Stay safe!

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