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  • Iman Syed

Minecraft Projects to Attempt in Quarantine

Due to quarantine, we have a lot more free time, and people have been getting bored. This extra time has led people to play video games again. Since one of my favorite video games is Minecraft, I thought I’d give a few suggestions of fun things to do in Minecraft. Enjoy, and feel free to share some amazing tasks you’ve completed!

I’m not the best at boss battles. When I went to fight the ender dragon the second time, I died three times (once of which was in peaceful mode). However, even if I struggle to fight bosses, boss-battles can actually be really enjoyable. So, why not start a world solely for the purpose of defeating the wither, the ender dragon, the pillager raid or the elder guardians? If you’re particularly ambitious, you can try speed-running for the world record or defeating the wither on hard mode in the Bedrock edition (without using glitches), famously one of the most difficult tasks in the game. And, if you’re like me and are not particularly skilled in combat, defeating an ocean monument is always a relatively easy yet satisfying option.

If you’re like me and boss battles don’t typically work out too well for you, then there are plenty of other things to do in Minecraft. One of my eventual goals in Minecraft is to create a megabase, which is essentially a monumental base in a survival world. The most admirable trait about megabases is their sheer size and beauty. Whether you build a massive volcano or a giant globe, each base ends up looking stunning. I’ve always admired these bases (just look up bases created by GoodTimesWithScar, Mumbo Jumbo or Grian). Since we have the time to grind for materials, quarantine is the perfect opportunity to create a megabase.

If you prefer practical builds, why not create huge, industrial farms? There are plenty of goods to farm in Minecraft: pumpkins, melons, wood, stone, cocoa beans, carrots, bones, string, ender pearls—even emeralds, iron and gold. There are plenty of farm designs online if you’d prefer to just build it block-by-block; just remember that the version of Minecraft does matter. These farms not only can be enjoyable due to the sheer size or volume but also are very satisfying to use.

Perhaps you prefer building for visual aesthetics instead of practicality. In this case, you can just…build. There are plenty of structures to build in Minecraft: arcades, houses, cities, zoos, waterfalls, mountains, dragons, forests, villages—the list goes on and on. You could even build a scale model of the entire world if you tried hard enough. So why not just start placing blocks and see where this endeavor takes you? As cliché as this statement is, the only limit is your imagination and your motivation.

But maybe placing thousands of blocks isn’t ideal either, which is totally understandable. Then, why not explore? Minecraft has dozens of generated structures, ranging from fossils to woodland mansions. With a virtually infinite world, there are endless opportunities to explore each of these naturally generating structures. So, why not? We have the time, all you need to do is start the world and enjoy exploring!

Of course these are only a few suggestions as Minecraft is a sandbox game, meaning that there are endless possibilities. The only limit really is your imagination. Either way, have a very lovely quarantine, and I look forward to hearing about your new projects!

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