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How to Remain Productive During Quarantine

I’ve compiled a list of some tips for staying productive and on track during the big Q. The quarantine will likely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the majority of us, so why not utilize it to the best of our abilities?

Write a bucket list of activities you’d like to accomplish during the quarantine. This is the perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby or skill! Even if you had an inkling of interest for something in the past (eg. sewing, painting), write it down.

Here’s a couple of my suggestions:

1. Improve your fluency in a new language! Sites like Duolingo provide easy and short lessons that you can do daily. However, if Duolingo isn’t for you, YouTube provides plenty of videos that you can watch to improve your writing, speaking, listening and reading skills in any language!

2. Clean and redo your room. I know, a classic, but why not redo the room you’ve had since Middle School to fit your current style? I recommend Pinterest for room inspiration.

3. Tie-Dye/bleach old sweatshirts. It’s a super fun and easy craft to revamp old clothing!

4. Write a story (or two)! If you search up “short story prompts” on Google, you can find thousands of prompts to follow. You can do this with a friend/family member and exchange stories.

5. Make a quarantine journal. Inside, you can record your daily activities and clip out headlines from newspapers to make a time capsule.

6. Start a business! If you’ve ever wanted to start one, you can learn the skills to do so now and have plenty of time to work on it. Some ideas for a potential business: custom clothing, baked goods (start baking for your family because of germs), services like tutoring (you could start online tutoring), painting, etc.! If you have any questions on starting one, don’t be afraid to reach out ( because I run a business with my friend Mari!

6. Hold cooking challenges with your family! Some possible activities include copying the structure of the tv shows “Cupcake Wars,” “Nailed It!” and “Chopped.”

7. Discover new music and put together playlists.

Make a schedule. Allocate certain times throughout the day to be active (go outside!), read, etc., to mimic what would be a “normal” school day or weekend. Having a schedule keeps you busy and holds you responsible for completing activities you plan out.

Get as much sleep as you can (consistent amounts)! Enough said.

Read at least one newspaper article a day. It’s important to stay updated on the current situation (especially with so much scary disinformation that is shared over family group chats and social media)

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