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How to Keep Busy During Quarantine

So, you’re stuck at home just like all of us, and you’re sick of feeling unproductive. We’ve all been there; I was there for the first week. After trying out every activity that I could, I can confidently rank the top three activities to do in self-isolation (These are ranked based on a highly scientific method comparing productivity with enjoyment).


1. Playing games with your family

Although this ranks kind of low on the productivity scale, playing games with your family is a highly enjoyable activity (especially if you beat your family). Personally, my favorite games include Sorry Not Sorry, Mafia and Codenames. Board games are the perfect way to spend time with your family without being pressured with uncomfortable conversations about what you’re learning in school. The worst thing that can happen is you lose.

2. Knitting

Before I started self-isolation, I knitted my scarf very sporadically, but now I do it almost every single day. It is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day, and it is a highly productive activity to do as you are creating something for yourself or for others. The only reason it’s not number one is that knitting can become a bit boring at times; however, this issue can easily be solved by playing music or binge-watching your favorite show while you knit.

3. Running

I was always a self-proclaimed hater of running, but after spending a week doing absolutely nothing, I decided to do what I haven’t done since Freshman year Fundies: go on a run. I hated it. But, after having completed about ten runs, I can safely say that I hate it less and less every single time I do it. I consider running a relatively productive activity, but it still isn’t too high on the enjoyment scale. If you are like me and hate running, I suggest you try it because you might end up liking it (or at least tolerating it).


Quarantine has been an interesting experience. Although I miss being at school, I enjoy having more free time throughout the day to make lunch, go for a walk or relax. One activity that I really enjoy is watching a new movie every night with my family (I highly recommend “Ferris Bueler’s Day Off”). Additionally, I’ve had a lot of fun FaceTiming, texting and calling my friends and relatives just to talk and catch up.

I, just like all student-athletes, lost the spring season, but I’ve continued practicing and encourage everyone to do the same.

Luckily, I can still connect with my teammates; the lacrosse team has been bonding before our daily practices through Google Meet. I have also been playing soccer with my dad both in my alley and around our neighborhood, and my favorite game to play with him is soccer tennis. We play the game in our alley and pretend there is an imaginary net that we have to get the ball over with one bounce. Although the ball sometimes ends up in a bush or our neighbor’s yard, we really enjoy playing soccer tennis between my classes and after school. It’s been really fun getting to spend time with my dad because during the school year it can be hard to find the time.

Just like Ester, I’ve been going on runs around my neighborhood during my free time when I'm not practicing soccer or lacrosse. It feels nice to have my own time to exercise and I am beginning to enjoy running in my free time. I encourage everyone to stay safe, stay active and to check in with their friends and family during these uncertain times.

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