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  • Naomi Fasil

The Ultimate Guide to Fast Food Spots

Imagine this: your mom is driving on a seemingly endless highway with you and your brother in the back seat. You’re immersed in The Sims Freeplay on your Kindle Fire when you suddenly see a large, bright, blue sign. You squint as hard as you can (because you forgot your glasses, of course) and realize that it’s a food sign! So, you start kicking your mom’s chair, begging her to stop for a fast-food treat. As she pulls off the highway, you are now faced with a dilemma: you have to choose one place. At this point, your mom and your brother are both screaming at you to choose a place, but you can’t make up your mind. Your mother ultimately decides to turn back onto the highway ignoring your wishes. You’re left pondering, what could I have done? Why didn’t I decide sooner? Which fast-food place should I have chosen?

Well, question no longer! I’m here with a ranking of my top 4 fast-food restaurants from best to worst so that you never have to be left fast-foodless on a road trip (after social distancing ends of course. Instead - try using a food delivery app)

#1. Chick-fil-a

As the pinnacle of fast-food chains, Chick-fil-a lands the number-one spot on my list. Their sandwiches are immaculate — the chicken isn’t flat or dry and is always made hot. The shakes are incredible; the four flavors offered never fail to satisfy my sweet tooth (my personal favorite flavor is cookies and cream). And the fries? Beautiful. Gorgeously made with a decent amount of salt. Sometimes the fries are a bit thick, but not everything can be made perfectly.

#2. Wendy’s

Coming in fresh (like its beef!), Wendy’s claims the number two spot. Wendy’s has such a wide variety of food and its Frosties hit differently. There is also something about their Spicy Chicken items (nuggets and sandwiches) that is incomparable, and that’s coming from a “vegetarian.” Also, Wendy’s Twitter account is superior to all other fast-food chains, no doubt about it.

#3. Taco Bell

In my opinion, Taco Bell has unfairly earned a reputation as the food place most likely to give you an upset stomach. The food has never made my stomach hurt, and honestly, if it makes your stomach hurt, just don’t eat there. Taco Bell is meant for the fittest, anyways. I, however, know that I can depend on Taco Bell to deliver a Crunchwrap Supreme when I’m craving (somewhat) Mexican food.

#4. McDonald’s

Known as the epitome of the American fast-food eatery, McDonald’s places at number four on my list. Although rumors about frozen beef circulate around the internet, I’ve personally never heard about frozen fish. The main reason I like McDonald’s is because of its Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, and unpopular opinion: they’re the best item on the menu. Hear me out, I have NEVER received a subpar Filet-O-Fish, and their fries always have been and always will be superior to all fast-food chains.

I strongly believe that my ranking is by far the most superior, and I 100% stand by my opinions. So, whenever you feel under pressure to choose a fast food restaurant during a car ride, (or ordering from the safety of your couch) refer to this article for the best and most accurate fast food ranking of all time.

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