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  • Fiona Turnbull & Serena Hong

The Perfect At-Home Workout

“Summer/spring bodies are made in the winter” - Chloe Dionisio

We (Serena and Fiona) wanted to plan a perfect workout for everyone to do that does not take a lot of time but will help tone your body, keep you in shape, and continuously look good ;) just in time for virtual learning. If you aren’t sure how to do an exercise, Google it and make sure you are using the proper form.

*Fun Tip!! By the way, in order to have a nice tone, you need to complete high reps with low weight. If you are trying to build up muscle reduce your reps and up your weight!*


Monday: ARMS


Wednesday: LOWER BODY

Thursday: CIRCUIT TRAINING - Find one you like online!

Friday: GET MOVING however you like

Saturday: ABS

Sunday: TAKE A DAY OFF! Stretch, heat, ice, roll, and eat healthily!


Everything for 45 seconds - ten second break between exercises

Round 1

  • Bent over rows

  • Sind punch twist

  • Push-ups

  • Plank

  • Hammer curl to shoulder press

2-minute break!!!

Round 2

  • Military press

  • Twisted abs

  • Post delt fly

  • Dolphins

2-minute break!!!! (drink water btw)

Round 3

  • Hammer curl

  • Tricep dip

  • Leg up-dip

  • Alternating legs

  • Isolated curl

  • Kickbacks



1 minute for each exercise, 20 seconds in between each

Round 1

  • Cross jacks

  • High knees

2-minute break!!!

Round 2

  • Skater jumps

  • Mountain climbers

2-minute break!!!

Round 3

  • Reverse lunges burpees

2 minute break!!!

Round 4

  • Lateral squats

  • Oblique knee pulls


45 seconds each side - ten-second rest

Round 1

  • Side lunge to back lunch on right

  • Squat to knee raise right

  • Side lunge to back lunge on left

  • Squat to knee raise left

2-minute break!!!!

Round 2

  • Curtsy lunge left

  • Calf raises right

  • Curtsy lunge right

  • Calf raises left

2-minute break!!!!

Round 3

  • Static split squat on right

  • Sumo squat

  • Static split squat on left

  • Sumo squat

  • Seated inner thigh lift

  • Seated quad raise

  • Seated inner thigh lift

  • Seated quad raise

This is the best ab workout someone could ask for! It is super quick (only around ten minutes), and it is also pretty challenging so you can feel like you are getting in a quick and beneficial workout. This is a two-week plan that you can do quickly for two weeks or as long as you want. I have been doing it on and off for two weeks, and even though I didn't do it each day, I am starting to see some of the payoffs, so I would highly recommend it!

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