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  • Sophia Denaro

Pet Spotlight: How to Travel with a Pet

Now that I have a dog and the holidays are approaching, I can’t help but stop to look at every dog holiday sweater and themed dog toy I see. During the holiday season, many people travel to see friends and family. This year, my family and I will be seeing my cousins in New York, but I am a little nervous about traveling with my puppy. Going to New York is not only a six-hour drive, but a completely new environment for my dog with new sounds, new people, and new places. Just traveling is challenging. Constantly stopping for bathroom breaks and spending a nauseating eight hours in the back of a car is going to be an adventure. So, I pose this question to those who have pets to help me prepare for this journey: What you do you think is the best way to travel with a pet? Along with these words of advice, four adorable pets will be spotlighted!

What do you think is the best way to travel with a pet?

  1. Phebe Grandison: “My advice is to bring lots of towels because knowing my dog, there will be lots of drooling.”

  2. Genevieve Shahin: “Don’t travel with your dog: it is a nightmare!”

  3. Maya Sood: “Give your dog lots of love. For, what you put in, you get out.”

Pet spotlight:

Meet Tio! Tio is a five-year-old Leonberger. Phebe Grandison’s dog is one of Holton’s favorites. Once, Tio accompanied Phebe’s mom, Ms. Grandison, to visit an animal shelter during Minimester. He even visits the kids at Brown House (Holton’s preschool), and despite the kids petting him and tugging at his fur, he remained perfectly calm.

Photo Courtesy of Phebe Grandison

Meet Genevieve Shahin’s adorable dog, Lucy. She is a six-year old Cavachon (a mix of Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). Genevieve says that you can usually find her sleeping.

Photo Courtesy of Genevieve Shahin

Maya Sood has an adorable dog named Bisou. Just like the meaning of his name, he loves to give kisses! (Bisou means kiss in French). He is a one-and-a-half-year-old Portuguese Water Dog who loves the smell of coffee!

Photo Courtesy of Maya Sood

This is Bella, Sara Lisa’s nine-year-old Labrador retriever. She likes to sniff people and walk around but does not like when people throw balls for her. One time, Sara left a sandwich on the table and stepped out for a moment, expecting to eat the food when she returned. When she came back, Bella’s two front paws were on the chair, the sandwich had a bite in it and Bella was acting nonchalant as if nothing had happened.

Photo Courtesy of Sara Lisa Look for the next post, maybe your pet will be spotlighted. If you are interested in having your pet featured, have any questions, or want to answer a question for the next post, email: And, go follow @Aura_baby on Instagram* for pictures of Aura!

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