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  • Fiona Turnbull & Serena Hong

Room Redecoration

Welcome to Fiona and Serena’s Scribbling blog! Today, I

(Serena) will be talking about room redecoration.

A couple weeks ago, I woke up and realized I was sick of my room, so I decided to change things up. These past few weeks I’ve spent time redecorating!

I decided to stick with my main furniture because it would be expensive to buy new replacements and I don’t know how to move my bed. Finding new duvet covers (I had to learn what that meant because I thought it was the same as a comforter) and little things to make my room look better was actually harder than I thought, but looking at my room now, it was SO worth it.

Sophia Tuncer, who recently redecorated her room, happily comments, Instead of staring into the mirror like I usually do, I now stare at my new bedding!

Even though I didn’t make significant changes to my room, the little ones made a huge difference. I started by looking at my pin board and realized that having pictures from bar/bat mitzvahs four years ago was boring, so I got rid of them. Also, I’ve always loved traveling and wanted to pin the places I’ve been. I didn’t know what I could do for this, but shoutout to Sophia Tuncer, who gave me the idea to get a scratch map, which I then bought off of Amazon! I used to have a tapestry behind my desk, but I replaced it with print out photos from CVS. I also got new throw pillows, which with I’m obsessed, and a new duvet cover. Now I love sleeping even more :).

Here are some ideas to take a look at if you’re thinking of redecorating (which we 10/10 recommend doing- also shoutout to Lily Meierhoefer for some of the ideas!


  • Urban Outfitters (sheets)

  • Anthropologie (sheets/pillows)

  • Wayfair (everything)

  • Dormify (everything)

  • Target (everything)

  • Barefootdreams (throw blanket-they are so soft!)

  • Nordstrom (everything)

  • Surya (rugs)

  • Kerri Rosenthal (wallpaper/art/pillows)

  • Pottery Barn (everything)

  • Amazon (everything- literally)

  • One Kings Lane (photographs)

  • Gray Malin (photographs)

  • Guilt (everything)

  • Etsy (personalized things)


  • Put up photos of friends and family

  • Scenic photographs

  • Inspirational phrase/motto on wood

  • Tapestry

  • Map of the world

  • New comforter/duvet cover

  • Pillows

  • Throw blanket

  • Desk, bean bag/chair-swinging chair, lights/desk lamp,

  • Lights or neon lights

  • Organization boxes/crates

  • Mirror

  • Rugs

  • Wallpaper

  • Pinboard

  • Look on Pintrest if you need more ideas







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