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  • Macy Daggitt

Fall Activities for the Weekend

Fall is in full swing so many are looking for fun activities to do to savor the lovely fall atmosphere! This time of year is perfect for spending a day out of the house and away from the books. Here are my local favorites for a fun and relaxed October Weekend!

1. Walk on the C & O Canal!

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal is a lovely place to walk or bike. It’s nice any time of year, but the fall trail is especially gorgeous. Over the fall break weekend, my dad and I biked from Harper’s Ferry West Virginia all the way back to the Old Angler’s Inn in Bethesda. The breathtaking orange and red foliage as well as the cool autumn air made the tedium of 50 miles on a bike completely worthwhile. So bring a friend (or pup) and spend a gorgeous fall morning on the C and O Canal (but pack and sweatshirt and wear a pair of leggings because mornings on the trail, although beautiful, can be pretty cold).

2. Go to Cox Farms!

This country stop has been a staple of my falls since as long as I can remember. Cox Farms is the ultimate stop for a day of fall fun. Cox had something in store for everybody! My day at the farm usually begins with a trip down the massive blue Dino Slide before the line gets too long. All you need is to grab a burlap sack and ride down 142 feet of awesome! Next, I stop at the corn maze, the “Conrnumdrum”. Including fun house mirrors, crazy actors and even a vortex, the corn maze is not to be missed. My next activity is the “haunted” hayride. The twenty-minute ride will take its eager passenger to the jungle, outer space, and finally to a magic barn. The whole time a rustic tractor is at the helm. Finally, I always make time to stop by the animals, (and feed the goats from an ice cream cone), as well as pick up some goodies from the market, including kettle corn and hot apple cider. Yum! On the way out, I pick up a pumpkin which is complementary with an entry ticket. Tickets cost between $11-$15 depending on how big the crowd is, but Cox Farms is a perfect way to spend a fall day!

3. Spend the morning at the American Plant store!

This convenient spot is probably on the way home from school for many readers, making a perfect final suggestion for my list and perfect destination if you don’t have the time to make it out to the pumpkin patch. My mom has always had an affinity for the fall vibe at American Plant, so each year I get to experience what the festive store has to offer at this time of year. First, the store has a huge variety of pumpkins ranging from ones that weigh more than the average human to ones that could fit in the palm your hand. The lovely pumpkin arrangements make a good photo-op or are a perfect way to spruce up a front porch. As you traverse to the back of the store, you will stumble upon the “House of Oddities”. Meant to spook its visitors, the sight has all kinds of creepy monsters and skeletons and is a quick and fun activity for before Halloween. In addition to the free Haunted House, if you visit the store on Saturday or Sunday, there is a free pumpkin painting station. Although, my mom did not let me partake in this activity, it looked like lots of fun and a great addition to a fun day at your local garden store. Also, it is not to be forgotten that through all of the chilly months, American Plant has free popcorn and cider for visitors to further enhance the autumn experience.

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