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  • Abby Forrest

Eight PUN-y Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Holy Guacamole! As devil and angel costumes seem to monopolize the costume aisle at the Halloween store, why not go the unconventional route and dress up as holy guacamole. All you need is a green shirt with pictures of avocados on it and a halo.

2. A Deviled Egg! If you’re looking for a devil to your angel, look no further. Dress up as a deviled egg to really wow all your friends. All you need is a black shirt, devil horns and white and yellow construction paper. This Halloween, dress up like the classiest of eggs with the greatest of ease.

3. Holy Cow! A welcome addition to the two previous costumes is a holy cow. All you need is a cow print shirt (black blobs on a white background) and a halo. Old McDonald would approve!

4. Iron Man! Some of the most popular Halloween costumes every year are based on superheroes. Dress up like a Marvel-baddie with this unique and sophisticated Iron Man costume. All you need is a shirt with the chemical symbol for iron on it (Fe).

5. Nickel-back! Dress up like the band Nickelback but with an unexpected twist. All you need to do is tape nickels (the five cent coins) to your back. It’s so easy and just makes cents.

6. Cereal Killer! For a ~spooky~ costume idea, dress up like a cereal killer, but instead of killing people, your target is Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, and Froot Loops. All you need are empty, punctured cereal boxes and some fake blood (red paint). ~SCARY and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY~

7. Hawaiian Punch! This costume is inspired by a delicious, refreshing juice that is a staple at any Halloween bash. Dress up like Hawaiian Punch by wearing a tropical or floral shirt and some boxing gloves.

8. French Kiss! Grab three friends and dress up like the iconic band Kiss with a little extra culture. All you need is a black striped shirt, a red scarf, a beret, and black and white makeup. Add a baguette for a crispy snack and added effect!

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