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  • Emi Hakutani and Josephina Wang

The Pen Debate

Our first blog post is inspired by a little scuffle we had during study hall. Why does one need so many pens and highlighters? Emi’s pencil pouch is stuffed to the max, with all of her writing utensils sorted and in designated locations. On the other hand, Jo has a couple pens and pencils thrown in there, with maybe an eraser or highlighter.


A variety of stationery is important to have in school. Every pen and highlighter in my pencil case has important value. How else is one supposed to write perfect color-coded notes? I mean, beautiful notes are more important than the content on the board you don’t even understand. You can never have enough pens and highlighters, and writing fun fonts and boxes in your notes is part of the fun. You need multiple colors for all the titles, subtitles, and outlining. Plus, you can color code different parts of your notes to help you remember when it comes time to study for a test. (It may make your notes more pleasant to look at too). Either you will do extremely well on your next test, or you’ll become tiktok famous for your perfect notes. You just can’t go wrong with color coding. Different pens are for different things; therefore, you need a variety. Some people just don’t understand the importance of having the same color in multiple pen brands or why 20 highlighter colors is necessary. Some pens are for taking notes, some are for labelling, and some pens are simply a must have. Such as pilot g2 pens. Everything about them is perfect, especially the way they write. It’s smooth, and you never struggle to make ink appear. These gel pens are a staple everyone should have, and you have an array to choose from. Go buy some from the school store! Now, on to highlighters. You could be boring, and just get your average yellow highlighter. I mean, your notes will be the typical yellow, or you could be creative with colorful notes. Anyway, colorful notes and pens are vital to making your life organized and creative.


I just simply do not understand why one person needs a thousand pens for his or her notes. You need a few colors, some pencils, an eraser and that’s it! Personally, at the beginning of the school year, I buy a pack of mechanical pencils (the cheap kind), a pack of pens (with maybe five different colors) and a new yellow highlighter. What else is there to it? Color coding notes is such a hassle, and it doesn’t change the fact that the class material is confusing. It’s just that the equation is written in hot pink. Emi’s pencil pouch confuses me so much. All I wanted to do was borrow a pen so that could write my homework down in my planner, but I got lost in the 20-pack of Mildliner highlighters. What is so good about a Mildliner? Emi then went off on me about how amazing they are, and soon my other friends are ganging up on me because Mildliners are apparently the superior highlighter. So, I keep going deeper into the endless pit, and I see even MORE highlighters! Where were the pens? In a huff Emi grabs the pencil pouch out of my hands, not an easy feat because the thing weighed like 20 pounds, and proceeds to show me a different section in the pencil pouch. She pulls out a pen from a neat bundle of Muji (and other brands that I’ve never seen before in my life) pens. I will admit, Muji pens are really good, but I didn’t realize they deserved their own section in a pencil pouch. I was so confused. So why does one need so many pens? The answer is simple: you don’t. It’s confusing and unnecessary.

Side note: I ordered a pack of Muji pens, but I still believe that lots of stationery is extra and unnecessary. Also, Emi bought new pens and was bragging about them, and now her pencil pouch is overflowing. It reminds me of the time I was filling up my water bottle at the fridge, and the water overflowed and spilled everywhere. That’s what Emi’s pencil pouch is like. I am confusion.

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