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  • Rin Iimi and Joyce Wu

Restaurant Review of Fogo de Chão

1775 Tyson’s Blvd Suite 50, Tysons, VA 22102

4½ Panther Paws Rating

This past weekend, the two of us met together for lunch at Fogo de Chão. Walking into the restaurant on Tyson’s Boulevard, music greeted our ears. The restaurant features an enormous wine rack covering an entire wall of the building from floor to ceiling (don’t worry, we didn’t drink any though!) and a chandelier and pillar decorated with rope situated in the middle of the space. We were greeted by several servers, and were promptly seated next to a pleasant window with a view of Tyson’s plaza. The restaurant appears to be very fancy and formal, but the staff is actually very nice and easy to talk to.

Looking at the menu, we were engulfed by the numerous options Fogo de Chão offers, but our lively waiter Kevin helped us by recommending the Full Churrasco Experience, which is highly advised for first-timers. This choice allowed us to have full access to the fruit and vegetable buffet as well as the meat dining experience. To dine, each diner is given a tag with green on one side and red on the other, which indicates whether you would like to be served with what the waiter is carrying. The waiter will cut the piece right in front of you, and you take a pair of tongs to pull the meat away from the skewer. If you would like to request a certain type of meat, the service staff is very friendly and will grant your request. The highlight of the meal was the service. The waiters happily came to our table and offered us a myriad of choices: buttered, black pepper mashed potatoes; crispy, hot french fries; an assortment of sauces and a wide variety of other dishes as appetizers. We had numerous waiters constantly come to our table with platters of beef, chicken, lamb, sausages, and pork (there were so many options that it was hard to keep track!) and ask us whether we were enjoying our meal. We especially enjoyed the filet mignon, which was juicy and flavorful. The vegetable and fruit buffet includes a variety of exotic flavors such as asparagus, pineapples, beets and different types of cheese. The restaurant also had complementary french fries, which we enthusiastically ate. Since we walked in as newcomers, our waiter Kevin was very easygoing when assisting us; he kindly recommended different dishes and constantly came around to check how we were doing.

The manager Celiandro Lucca was very attentive to your dining experience. He circulated around the tables and asked you if you were enjoying your meal and if you wanted to request any dishes. We loved how friendly the staff members were, and we would definitely recommend bringing your family, friends and relatives to Fogo de Chão. It is a great option for celebrating a friend’s birthday, an extended family reunion, or even going because you’re hungry after a gruesome swim practice.

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