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  • Tomisin Sobande and Daniella Nichols

Crash Course Current Events #1

Hi, all! We’re Tomisin and Daniella, and every two weeks we will be doing a crash course on some of the most important news you’ll want to know about. We hope you like it!

On October 12th, Atatiana Jefferson, a 28-year-old unarmed black woman was shot and killed in her home while babysitting her nephew. Atatiana Jefferson’s neighbor had called a non-emergency police number because he saw that her door was left open, and he wanted to make sure she was okay. When the officer arrived at her house, he stood outside the window and said, “Put your hands up- show me your hands”. Seconds later, he shot her, and she passed away. Jefferson’s family is understandably distraught over her death, and this event has caused outrage and calls for reform across the country.

Currently, more than 1,200 people have been diagnosed with vaping relating lung problems. Doctors have found that even after full recovery, patients are at risk for future breathing issues and further hospitalization. Many patients are being rehospitalized and reevaluated. Health leaders across the country have recently come up with a name for the illness: EVALI. It stands for “e-cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury.” That really rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it!

Simone Biles broke record after record as the U.S. women’s gymnastics team dominated at the 2019 World Gymnastics Championship. This is the seventh consecutive time the women’s team has won a team title at either the Olympics or World Championship. Most people recognize Simone Biles as the best gymnast of her generation, if not of all time. She won five gold medals in this competition, more than any gymnast has received since 1958. Additionally, she won her 25th career World Medal, which no gymnast in history has ever done. As amazing as that is, she’s not done! She also performed two stunts that have never been performed by a female gymnast until now. It’s crazy that Simone Biles has achieved all this at one event.

On Tuesday night (October 15th), the Washington Nationals defeated the St. Louis Cardinals to win the National League Championship. They swept the series of seven with four wins and zero losses, and advanced to the World Series where they played the Astros. They emerged victorious from the series with four wins and three losses. They also set a record for they away team winning all seven games--Washington swept in Houston, and Houston swept in DC.

On Sunday, October 13, the Redskins secured its first win against the Miami Dolphins. After starting the season off with a record of 0-5, this win was much needed. After the Redskins lost the fifth game of the season, the executive decision was made to fire head coach Jay Gruden. Bill Callahan will be replacing Gruden as the interim head coach.

The Washington Mystics outplayed the Connecticut Sun in the winner-take-all Game 5 final to secure its first ever WNBA championship. “The Washington Post” made the decision to place the win “above the fold” not only on the cover of the sports section but also on the A1 page of the entire newspaper. This is a big step for female sports, for very rarely do women’s sports teams get widespread coverage or recognition.

Wednesday, October 16th marked the fourth democratic debate of the 2020 presidential election. Here’s a memorable exchange:

Joe Biden said, “I’m going to say something that’s probably going to offend some people, I’m the only one on this stage that’s gotten anything really big done.”

Bernie Sanders responded with “You know what you also got done, and I say this as a good friend? You got the disastrous war in Iraq done. You got a bankruptcy bill that is hurting middle-class families all over the country. You’ve got trade agreements like NAFTA and (agreements) with China done, which have cost us four million jobs."

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