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  • Cate Goodin

Activities for Relaxing That Don’t Involve a Screen

I know the school year can be stressful and busy, but in the free time that I have, I’ve found some fun activities to ,help me stay relaxed. These ideas may not work for everyone but I suggest that you give them a try!

  1. Paint your nails

Having my nails done helps me feel put together, but the actual activity of doing it is also cathartic. For 15 minutes you can’t use your hands and you have time to think and feel calm. After you are done, you have freshly painted nails that ideally look great!

  1. Go outdoors

Being in nature (especially when the weather is nice) is such a good feeling! I like looking at the fall leaves, and if you have a pet or a friend, you can go on a walk with them. If you are walking with a friend, try to talk about something that is not school and take your mind off what’s stressing you out.

  1. Make a to do list

I know this might seem stressful, but when I have seemingly millions of things that I have to do, writing it out makes me feel more accomplished. Then when you complete the tasks, you can see how much you’ve gotten done and feel accomplished checking things off.

  1. Bake

Making muffins or cookies are easy options and also provide ways to live in the present. Look up a good recipe, and revel in the process of baking as it comes with a tasty reward in the end. You could even bring your creations to friends the next day!

  1. Read

It doesn’t have to be a book. Magazines are a great way to take your mind off of any stress and I feel more creative after reading one. You can even go to the school library and find a good one without buying it.

I hope you like these ideas, and if you try any, let me know!

Have a Goodin day,


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