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  • Sara War

“Prove Me Right”

my mind is a forest.

I want to wander in it with you,

show you the flowers:

the ones that glow,

the ones that absorb light,

and the roses.

i’d show you the thorns:

the small ones,

the dangerous ones,

and the subtle ones.

i’d show you the ivy

that runs up the trees.

I’d show you my all,

if you’d let me.

I can feel my hope

unfurling in my chest,

the brightest flower

in the center of my whole world

I want to tap it down,

hide it so when

everything goes wrong

my light, the sun of my forest,

doesn’t completely vanish when you leave.

that hope, it still whispers

maybe you won’t be temporary.

maybe you won’t leave.

maybe you’ll wander with me through my forest.

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