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  • Lusya Engen & Maya Sood

War and Peace

War. By Lusya Engen

The walls begin to fall down As the eerie silence vanishes. No more tender-hearted feelings As screaming erupts from every corner. The air gasps for the kingdom it once held Surrounding the shattered souls ensconced in the pale earth.

The atmosphere is trembling. It watches lives being destroyed, Families torn apart, The tranquility obliterated. Why is there bloodshed? Why is there pain? We hold on to hope, use every bit of life we have, Waiting Waiting Waiting for The inevitable triumph, Peace.


By Maya Sood

It seems unrealistic, Peace. Can we ever truly achieve it?

Or will we always be stuck

in between.

There is always fighting.

People can never just agree.

Pro-life Pro-choice Democrat

Republican Are we at war? There is no bloodshed

And yet...

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