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  • Eve Mullen & Tomisin Sobande

Most Popular Women's Sports in the US

What do you think are the most popular women’s sports in the USA? We decided to guess what we thought are the top 10 women’s sports (to play), based on our own experiences, then look up the real answers.

Here’s our list:

  1. Soccer

  2. Gymnastics

  3. Swimming

  4. Tennis

  5. Volleyball

  6. Track and Field

  7. Field hockey

  8. Dance

  9. Figure Skating

  10. Crew

Here are the real answers*:

  1. Soccer

  2. Badminton

  3. Field Hockey

  4. Volleyball

  5. Basketball

  6. Tennis

  7. Swimming

  8. Table Tennis

  9. Softball

  10. Golf

*In composing this list, we found it very difficult to find a reputable source to base our information on. It was challenging to find lists that were focused on women’s sports, a fact that displays the difference in popularity of athletics between men and women.

Another thing we noticed is that the number of individual and team sports are equally represented on the list. What does this say about women’s athletics? Is there less focus on team sports or girls? Do individual sports require a different amount of athleticism than team sports? When we created our list, we included sports that we view as “girly,” such as gymnastics, dance and figure skating, which all involve elaborate costumes and makeup. Unintentionally, we had stereotyped female athletics, even though both of us are athletes who play sports that aren’t traditionally female. Do we have our own prejudices to face?

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