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  • Cate Goodin

Why I’m Enjoying This Last Month of School Instead of Waiting for Summer to Come

I know this sounds cheesy, but I’ve been trying to enjoy the present to the best of my ability. While the proximity of summer makes this goal even harder to achieve, and the prospect of getting eight or more hours of sleep sounds delightful, I want to remember that this time of spring is wonderful as well. I wanted to create a list of all that spring has to offer to encourage you to join me in appreciating this time of the school year!

1. We are on the downhill slope

While your week may be insane right now (i.e. a test every day of the week), remember that these are our last or second to last tests! These projects and assessments are finishing up our curriculum for the school year.

2. This is the last month with the seniors

This was really our last week with the seniors because they go on senior projects. Won’t you miss seeing their faces in the hallway next year? Talk with them while they are still around.

3. No exams

We are so lucky not to have finals because almost every other school in the area has them. Enjoy what you are learning right now, since you are not learning for an exam but rather just for fulfilling your interest.

5. Nice-ish weather

Months of rain really make a day of sun that much more special! The weather has been pretty nice with lots of sun, and the flowers that are around are beautiful.

6. The grade you are in

Yes, while I am happy not to be a freshman next year, I will miss it. I’ll miss Peer Counseling and the newness of everything. The start of high school has been wonderful, and I hope you can find something about the grade that you are in right now that you will miss.

I’m not saying that I’m not ready for summer because believe me, I am. I just want to take in all that I can of the end of this year.

Have a Goodin day,


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