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  • Eve Mullen & Tomisin Sobande

Our Favorite Sports-Related-ish Things

This week we bring to you a list (in no particular order) of some of our favorite sports-related things.

• Do I understand basketball? Barely. Do I watch basketball? Nope. But during March Madness, I AM BASKETBALL. I might choose my bracket based off of the school mascots, but I actually did pretty well.

• We love foursquare!

• Is there anything as American as baseball? No. No, there isn’t. There’s just nothing comparable to getting up in the 7th inning for a nice warm tofu dog with a Mount Everest of onions and ketchup. Sure, baseball moves slowly, but for someone with the attention span of a goldfish, you can zone out and still miss nothing. Plus, the Nationals race presidents during the inning breaks.

• Face paint just makes everything more intense. The moment you put it on, you are unstoppable. Eyeblack, colors, face tattoos — the works.

• My mom is pretty into hot yoga. She has her favorite teachers. She wakes up early on weekdays to go to the 6 a.m. class before work. She has more than one mat towel (now, that’s dedication). I used to make fun of her, but then she convinced me to go to a class with her, and I’ve changed my mind. It’s insanely hard. They asked me to stand on my head, which I found to be a ridiculous request. After literally sweating off four-fifths of your body weight, however, you walk out feeling pretty accomplished.

• A haiku about walking on the treadmill: Walk on the treadmill / Easier than running hard / but still a workout.

• Anybody remember those parachute games we used to play in elementary school?! Sitting under the parachute in a rainbow utopia was the highlight of my prepubescent years.

• SCOOTERS!! The most intense workout we’ve ever had. We recommend playing scooter hockey to spice up your exercise.


Eve and Tomisin

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