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  • Tomisin Sobande

"Heathers," the Darkest Teen Movie

For this article, instead of watching a new movie in theaters, I decided to watch “Heathers,” one of the ’80s biggest cult classics, to see what I thought of it. Well, here’s the verdict: I thought it was really good. Even though I didn’t really understand all the comedy points, it was so much better than most of the teen movies that have been released in my lifetime. “Heathers” has fantastic actors and a fascinating and dark storyline.

In most teen movies, the acting is mediocre, and the script is basic and cliche. Not in “Heathers,” though. Winona Ryder and Christian Slater’s chemistry throughout the movie was phenomenal and unmatched by most actors. Their performances kept my eyes glued to my computer screen throughout the whole movie. The script was extremely well written, and with an amazing script and incredible actors, “Heathers” was bound to be a great movie.

I really liked the plot of the movie even though it was really dark, and I’m usually more inclined towards lighter movies. It was very thought-provoking, and I have to agree with “San Francisco Chronicle” writer Mick LaSalle, who said, “Two decades later, ‘Heathers’ is so on the money, with its vague but unmistakable parallels to several school shootings, that it could never be made today.” I think this statement is very true. Personally, seeing J.D. plan to blow up the school reminded me of the countless school shootings we’ve had in this country. I guess it just hits a little bit too close to home today. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend the movie.

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