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  • Cate Goodin

Favorite Breakfasts Ideas

It’s always time for me to run out the door when I feel like I have just woken up. This year, I’ve tried to make my morning routine as straightforward as it can be to alleviate this feeling, but the hard part is breakfast. Breakfast takes up a considerable chunk of my self-allocated 47 minutes to get ready, so I’ve focused on finding ways that I can make my morning routine faster and easier. Through countless internet searches and some failed attempts, I’ve compiled a list of quick, easy and healthy-ish breakfasts. I understand that some people have more or less time in the morning, but these ones normally work for me and take about 10 minutes or less (because the grogginess and limited cooking skills don’t really let me do it any faster).

1. Overnight Oats

I sometimes buy pre-made overnight oats at the store, but other times I make them myself. Normally I take rolled oats, add almond milk, add some type of fruit, stir it up in a bowl, cover it and leave it in the fridge. This is so much easier than watching water trying to boil for ten minutes and then still having to add the oats. In the morning, all you have to do is take the cover off and eat it!

2. Eggs

While this is getting on the long side in my opinion, scrambled eggs can be pretty quick once you get used to making them. I normally like to add a side of fruit for an extra yummy meal. Scrambled is what I prefer, but I know people who also like sunny side up.

3. Muffins

I like to make a batch of muffins over the weekend and eat them over a few days for breakfast. While this may seem like the hardest breakfast option, it actually is the easiest. Make them on Sunday and eat them most days of the week. My favorite is banana chocolate chip muffin, or if I’m feeling extra festive in the fall, I like pumpkin chocolate chip muffin.

4. Muesli

Yes, while this is truly just fancy cereal, I’ve come to like the taste more than that of cereal because it has an extra depth (when did I become a food critic?) with the texture of fruit and nuts. Instead of Cheerios (I do like them too, though), this mixture is made with rolled oats, dried bits of fruits and almonds. Add some milk, and enjoy!

5. Frozen Waffles

Eggos are a classic, but my personal favorite are Kodiak Cakes. They come in different flavors, and the flavor Buttermilk tastes delicious fresh out of the toaster.

6. School cafeteria is always a great option!

Get a bowl of fruit, oatmeal or a hardboiled egg.

Have a Goodin Day,

Cate Goodin


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