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  • Katie Smith & Maggie Meinhardt

Dates Gone Wrong

So you had a bad date. Did they like you a little too much? Did they make all your decisions for you? Were they rude or immature? Many of us have had those experiences, so we set out to discover Holton’s juiciest worst date stories.

Person 1: We only dated for five weeks, and for the first three weeks, I didn’t have his number.

Person 2: My boyfriend freshman year invited me to a Walter Johnson football game, but he didn’t have a phone. He only had an iPod touch that worked on wifi, so I couldn’t contact him when I got there. I wandered around until I found him. He took me to his friends. When we met up with his friends, he didn’t say a word to me and then left me alone with his friends.

Person 3: This isn’t really my date, but I was out with two of my friends, and they realized at the table while I was there that they liked each other and have been dating ever since.

Person 4: I dressed up really fancy for a date, but the guy showed up forty minutes late and showed up in PJs.

Person 5: My friend came along with me, and my boyfriend paid for me but not her. She was super mad.

Person 6: My date made me pay for his Uber then made us sit outside when it was only 30º. He also asked if I wanted to get ice cream. I said no, but he got it anyways.

Person 7: I went to Georgetown with a boy, and we just sat on the boardwalk and talked. He told me how much he hated America and wanted to move back to Greece.

Person 8: I went on a date with a boy to the mall. He talked the whole time about how much he likes physics and how rich his family in China is. Then he bought me a gift and told me how incredible I was even though it was only the first date. He walked me to the Under Armour store, where my mom was, and we said goodbye.

Person 9: I was at the movie theater with my boyfriend and there were assigned seats. We were sitting and in walks my ex with his new girlfriend. They had the seats right next to us.

Person 10: I thought we were just hanging out, but he thought we were on a date.

Person 11: I didn’t even know if she liked me, but I told her I liked her. She was silent and awkward for the rest of the date, and we saw an awful movie. Then my mom dropped her off, and she was really weird. I thought about calling everything off, but she asked me to be her girlfriend the next day.

Person 12: A guy asked me out over text, and I told him we were better as friends. Apparently all his friends were hyping him up, and they still make fun of him for it.

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