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  • Laura Canseco

a1 beats: modern angst


eden, a Chinese-Irish artist, brings his former electronic-pop music background to the indie-pop scene. while his former albums tend to feature lighter-upbeat music, his new album, vertigo, clearly reflects an angsty shift in his music.

recommended songs:

1. “crash”

2. “forever//over”

3. “gold”

4. “xo”

5. “wake up”

6. “drugs”

7. “circles”


keshi’s approach to the hip-hop lofi scene leaves his listeners mystified. many of his songs consist of his laid-back vocals over a subtle trap-acoustic beat. his lyrics usually consist of bittersweet, intimate topics, creating an overall angsty mood. currently, keshi works as a registered nurse and pursues music as a side passion.

recommended songs:

1. “i swear i’ll never leave again”

2. “atlas”

3. “2 soon”

4. “as long as it takes you”

5. “over u”

6. “just friends”

7. “magnolia”

8. “onoffonoff”

9. “like i need u”

finding hope

age 17, finding hope produces successful r&b music from his home in San Antonio. although his name is “finding hope,” he makes moody music, which is intensified by a trap-like beat.

recommended songs:

1. “more & more”

2. “mistreat”

3. “3:00 AM”

4. “JDS (fantasy)”

5. “daydream”

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