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  • Eden Halpert & Lily Schmandt

Lonely Water Bottle Sits in Lost and Found

This Week’s Unexciting News!

Welcome to the Potato!

Bethesda, MD -- It is a rough world for a water bottle of a Holton girl. The bottles are dragged from class to class then to sports or to play practice. They are dropped, thrown and mistreated, all while still doing their jobs.

However, life is especially rough for a purple Nalgene that has been left sitting on the edge of the Lost and Found table for months. The purple Nalgene is perched on the table looking out for its owner. Every time a student walks by, the water bottle hopes its former owner will come pick it up so that it can return to its former job as a Holton girl’s trusty sidekick. It feels lonely sitting with the other random belongings of the Lost and Found table. The random shoes and forgotten sweatshirts do not qualify as its companions.

The purple Nalgene’s unemployment is not the only issue at stake. Doctors say that an average human needs at least eight glasses of water a day, and an athlete should drink even more. Without the trusty water bottle, is the forgetful owner getting her daily required amount of water?

After many weeks in the Lost and Found circuit, the water bottle is examined by a student in detention on Lost and Found duty. Luckily, the student discovers a faded name label on the bottom of the water bottle. The water bottle is taken to the mailbox of the owner and awaits their happy reunion.

Not all water bottles, however, meet a happy ending like the one from this article. Some are left for a dark fate in the Lost and Found. At the end of every trimester, the contents of the Lost and Found are donated or thrown away. The moral of this story: label and keep track of your belongings!

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