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  • Ava Bubbosh

Five Netflix Shows Worth Binge Watching

I love finding new Netflix shows to watch instead of re-watching the same one over and over again. Even if these Netflix Originals are constantly advertised on your page, the shows really do have stunning production quality and talented actors. The projects Netflix chooses cover almost every category of TV shows. Here are my underrated favorites (sorry “Stranger Things”), so go ahead and try and make the most of your Netflix subscription!

1. “On My Block”

Leaving the audience at a cliffhanger at the end of the first season, Netflix’s intriguing young adult series didn’t disappoint in the following one. The four leading actors of season two are all people of color and play teenage friends living in Freeridge, California. Diego Tinoco does an admirable job playing Cesar, who is roped into the gang life after his brother returns from prison. At first, the plot feels a bit jumbled-up and fast paced, but after a couple episodes, you really start rooting for these high school freshmen to come out on top.

Fun Fact: Last week, I watched Season Two in one day. Now I have to wait 365 more days until the next season :(

2. "You"

In my next pick, Dan from “Gossip Girl” gives us some seriously creepy stalker vibes in this psychological thriller series that premiered on the Lifetime Channel in September 2018. Over the course of ten action packed episodes, we see seemingly harmless bookstore clerk Joe Goldberg go from being a caring neighbor to a major psycho. There is an unsettling undertone of our shrinking privacy due to social media shown through how easy it is for Joe to get others’ information. This series really put its viewers on a roller coaster at night -- completely in the dark, speeding fast not knowing what's coming next. This mysterious and engaging style of TV proves time and time again to be widely popular. Also, don’t worry, fans of “You.” It has been renewed for another season.

Fun Fact: This show was initially recommended to me by Anya, so shout out to her!

3. "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

The emo cousin of “Riverdale” premiered on Netflix last October as a ten-episode (noticing a bit of a pattern here) series following a sixteen-year-old witch having to deal with the problems of both her mortal teen life with her friends and her wacky family of witches. Similarly to the hit CW show “Riverdale,” this show is based off an Archie comic taking place in the neighboring town of Greendale (the creator took a different direction with the show by putting it on Netflix but we are still holding out for a crossover in the future). Kiernan Shipka was spot-on casting for the role of Sabrina, and the whole Spellman family has a playful dynamic. This show can be a bit engrossed in the dark part of witches and shows us a completely different side to what the popular sitcom “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” had to offer in the 90s. The dark magic and blood spells can definitely be too much for a casual viewer, yet the plot is too good to miss out on.

Fun fact: You may recognize Ross Lynch, playing Sabrina’s love interest Harvey Kinkle, from the Disney channel show “Austin and Ally.”

4. “Queer Eye”

This show was groundbreaking in the 90s. Since Netflix decided to reboot it last year, it’s no surprise that it’s gotten even more popular. Five gay guys, each specializing in a different skill, transform someone’s life by allowing him to have new experiences and a new look. Let’s just say that I expected to laugh when watching this show (which I did), but I did NOT expect to shed so many tears. While it can be repetitive at times, the show is unique and never becomes boring with the Fab Five’s open personalities and unbreakable bond. While Jonathan Van Ness is obviously extroverted and outgoing one, I also think Bobby is underappreciated for all of the work he does redesigning a new house in every single episode. Like many of my other picks, it has moved on to its sophomore season and shows no sign of stopping.

Fun fact: My mom was watching this show because she was bored, so I sat down and watched it with her. Rumor has it I’m still watching the show and haven't gotten off the couch.

5. “Grace and Frankie”

Acting legends and real-life besties Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star in one of the original Netflix Originals (since 2015). This hilarious comedy follows two opposites, Grace and Frankie, who end up living together after both of their husbands confess their love for each other and leave their wives after fifty years of marriage. The plot lines are always the best, and the viewers love how they just don’t care.

Fun fact: please do not watch if you don’t tolerate cursing (there is an abundance of it)!

Honorable Mentions:

“Umbrella Academy,” “Great British Baking Show,” “The End of the F***king World”

I could write a ton about these shows too as they all are entertaining in their own special way. Try hovering over these on your Netflix account to see whether you are interested in seeing the apocalypse-stopping sibling superhero group in Umbrella Academy or a bunch of British bakers battling it out in this mouth watering, borderline-soothing baking competition.

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