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  • Ava Bubbosh

Five Lessons I Learned From Watching "The Office"

1. Not every relationship will be a “Jim and Pam” one

Jim and Pam will always be an iconic TV show couple. Throughout the nine seasons, we see the relationship evolve from an engaged Pam exchanging casual banter with Jim to two people you can’t even imagine not. But they are the only couple on the show whose relationship you’d actually want for yourself. You wouldn’t want share in Michael's many failed relationships or Kelly and Ryan’s jealousy-filled toxic relationship. Remember that sometimes it takes a couple of stumbles to find the right one.

2. You are going to have to deal with those “Toby”s in your life

There are going to be people out there that you simply don’t like for seemingly no reason. It’s normal to have people you don’t click with, but hope you aren’t as open about your dislike as Michael is towards Toby. Never be mean to someone just because you don’t like the person.

3. Support your friends, even with the littlest things.

Small gestures can make someone’s day or leave someone with a good impression of you. When Michael goes to Pam’s art show in season three, viewers see a new side to Michael’s character as caring a lot about his employees, when he ends up being the only one that shows up. Pam and Michael end up caring a lot about each other and have one of the best bonds on the show. Therefore, whether it means taking time out of your day to go to a sports game or drop something off for your friend when she is sick, little favors can help build lifelong connections.

4. Don’t put a George Foreman grill next to your bed

Michael teaches us the best lesson of all (as if we needed it).

5. Don’t stray from who you really are

Every character doesn’t hide oneself. From Kelly Kapoor to Jan Levinson, each character has small moments that help build the whole atmosphere of the show. Everyone's quirks make up an entertaining cast. “The Office” shows that you are going to end up with a great group of people just by staying true to yourself.

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