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  • Tomisin Sobande

Captain Marvel: The Perfect Origin Story; Amazing Movie? Not So Much.

“Captain Marvel” was the ideal origin story for the Marvel franchise. It provided the great background for “Avengers” we already know and love. As expected, this Marvel creation inspired countless memes, jokes and fan theories, and the movie was a combination of captivating conflict and priceless humor. It was enjoyable to watch, and seeing a female superhero on the big screen was definitely exciting. I, however, would never consider it a cinematic masterpiece.

I have to say that the hype surrounding “Captain Marvel” was quite honestly excessive. I had high standards going into the theater. I came out satisfied and happy but not entirely amazed. It was a cute family movie with a comedic buddy-cop dynamic, but the acting was average, and the overall plot was basic.

Per Marvel tradition, there were two post-credit scenes that I waited FOREVER to see. It still baffled me to see people leave after the movie ended as Marvel post-credit scenes are expected and sitting through the end credits has long become the norm.

To my disappointment, the post-credits were not worth the wait though. The first post-credit scene was semi-important for people waiting for “Avengers: Endgame.” The second one, however, was more for comedic effect and did not hold much actual importance. I believe that the second one is not really worth staying the extra 5-10 minutes for, but it is ultimately personal preference. In conclusion, “Captain Marvel” wasn’t an amazing movie, but it does make you feel good to see the Captain Marvel on the big screen.

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