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  • Laura Canseco

a1 beats: track 3

a1 beats: track 3

laura canseco

hello and welcome back! i hope everyone enjoyed her spring break! this week’s track is a smooth blend of both chill and upbeat songs. enjoy! don’t forget to go follow me on my spotify.

  1. “champagne clouds” - malia civetz

at first the piano and the slow tempo of the song might throw you off, but the song slowly progresses to a strong chorus until it all simmers back down. it’s a nice song to listen to in the shower or on a rainy day.

2. “SUMMER” - brockhampton

“SUMMER,” probably one of brockhampton’s only songs without rap, features gentle piano with soothing vocals of member bearface. listen to a live version, and you’ll discover that his real-life performances actually demonstrate his talent better than the recorded version.

3. “spin with you” - emma sameth, jeremy zucker, & WOLFE

this song is the perfect blend of a strong beat, relaxed instrumentals and soothing voices of emma and jeremy. their voices complement each other well and create a vibey, chill song.

4. “don’t worry about it” - zara larsson

i have been a big zara larsson fan since eighth grade. i am so fortunate to have seen her in concert in freshman year when she opened for clean bandit. this was also when she released her album So Good, which sadly didn’t become popular until recently. this song features a more a nuanced beat, but her vocals remain flawless.

5. “SWEAR TO GOD”- blackbear

ever since valentine’s day, blackbear has been releasing a new single every two weeks. in my opinion, this single is the best of the three he has released so far. his new album, ANONYMOUS, comes out on april 19th. he also plans on going on a world tour, yet the d.c. concert will likely be 18+ :/.

6. “drop that kitty” - ty dolla $ign, charli xcx, tinashe

if you didn’t know already, tinashe and charli xcx are my favorite female artists. i didn’t discover until two days ago that they had a song together. the song is just too lit. it’s all too bad that it didn’t become super popular. charli and tinashe need to make another song together.

7. “and july”- HEIZE, dean, dj friz

iconic duo. they need more songs together. the catchy beat immediately reels you in.

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