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  • Katie Smith & Maggie Meinhardt

Humans of Holton: Dream Edition

Everyone understands that Holton girls dream big, but what about actual dreams they experience at night? We decided to delve into the subconscious layer of Holton girls’ minds. Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the strangest dreams our girls had! We promise you. You’ll be entertained, amazed and creeped-out.

Holly #1: I used to have a recurring dream where people would bring desserts to my house. My mom would tell them to put the desserts in the basement where some kids were playing. My mom told me to make sure they didn’t eat the desserts. When I went downstairs to go watch the kids, they were already eating. When I came back from telling my mom, the kids had turned into the desserts and tried to eat me alive.

Holly #2: I recently had a dream where all of my friends left me to hang out with the dude that created gummy bears.

Holly #3: I fought a rhino, but it turned out to be my preschool teacher.

Holly #4: I got taken by the monkeys from “The Wizard of Oz” into an underground volcano. The witch had ordered the monkeys to throw me into a lava.

Holly #5: A plane dropped hooks from the sky to hook people’s butts and pull them up.

Holly #6: I crushed a spider with my chin, and it still scares me years later.

Holly #7: I was at Landon to get picked up with my brother. As I was crossing the street, I almost got hit by a bus. The scary part is that the next day a teacher actually got hit in the same place I dreamt.

Holly #8: An octopus sat in a corner of my room and just stared at me.

Holly #9: I keep having this dream in which I stand in the middle of a hallway and a shadowy figure keeps running up and down while aggressively throwing shoes at me.

Holly #10: My recurring childhood dream always started with me sitting in a fully occupied, checkered picnic table in the middle of plains. Suddenly, we hear a roar. We look up to find gorillas piloting three fighter jets. They start bombing us, and we have nowhere to hide.

Holly #11: My friends and I competed on “The Voice” where Yann was the judge. I absolutely had to win because or else a giant hand would crush me. Unfortunately, I did not win.

Holly #12: My parents got divorced, then my mom married Obama. At their wedding, I asked my dad if he was sad. My dad responded, “No, I have a whole list of things to do now that I don’t have a family.” The list said “read books.”

Holly #13: Mr. Duan had a long ponytail, and he was called Duan Lennon.

Holly #14: I was in my math class, and Mr. Lynch came in to tell the class that Katie Smith had unfortunately passed away.

Holly #15: Ed Sheeran led my college tour.

Holly #16: Niall Horan was my uber driver. I don’t remember the full dream at all, but we somehow ended up happily married.

Holly #17: The Holton swim team was at a carnival. Mr. Lynch suddenly told us that we all had to run to the creek to be saved by God. Delaney jumped right in, but Eden said she couldn’t because she was wearing her Jewish underwear.

Holly #18: I needed to count to a hundred, but I couldn’t because all the numbers turned into letters.

Holly #19: I went on beach week, and the house had a million rooms, but everyone wanted to be in one room. My friend and I wandered around and finally picked a room with a nice bathroom. My friend, however, ended up ditching me, saying she didn’t want to room with me. I signed a resignation saying that I wanted to quit beach week.

Holly #20: My repeating nightmare always starts with me on an extremely fast-moving subway. I suddenly hear a voice shouting in my head to get off of the train. As soon as I step off the cart, the subway train starts zooming backwards and crashes into a wall, leaving big, red flames behind.

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