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  • Eden Halpert & Lily Schmandt

Holton Students Almost Don’t Survive an Extremely Taxing Week

This Week’s Unexciting News!

Welcome to the Potato!

Bethesda, MD -- Coming off of a particularly challenging four-day weekend, Holton students knew that they had a full day of school on Tuesday. They were exhausted to say the least! Tuesday was a particularly hard day for many of them as they needed to wake up early after four days of blissfully sleeping in until noon. Students groggily trudged into school. Once they were greeted by one smiley Mr. Bedford, the reality of school set in. However, many futurist students already had their eyes set on Wednesday as there was a winter storm warning coming in. The sweet dream of a snow day gleamed in everyone’s minds. Walking out of school on Tuesday, as students urged him to make the right decision and cancel school, Mr. Lynch insisted that he had not yet decided whether or not school would close.

On Tuesday night, failing to do their homework in the hopes that it wouldn’t be needed, students waited eagerly for an email announcing that school would be closed. MCPS cancelled schools at 5pm, and students thought that Holton would follow shortly. Instead, however, they had to wait those painful three hours of full of refreshing their emails until 8:03 p.m., when the glorious email finally slid into their mailbox.

Many futilely hoped that school would be cancelled again on Thursday. Checking the weather constantly and praying that it would get cold enough for the road to freeze over, they put their snow day work off until the last moments. Sadly, it soon became clear that there would only be a late opening on Thursday. Nevertheless, props to Holton for notifying students at 9:39 p.m., as opposed to its usually preferred time of announcement of 5:30 a.m.

After the snow day on Wednesday and the late opening on Thursday, one student reflected on having to come in at a normal time on Friday as “the hardest thing I have ever had to do.” On Friday, students were disoriented walking through the halls, and 3:30 p.m. could not have come sooner! Fortunately, for those snow-loving souls, the 10 day forecast hints at some upcoming snow next week!

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