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  • Pooja Addala

Haagen Daz Strawberry Ice Cream

If you know me, you should know that I am one of the pickiest eaters alive. I generally refuse to try new dishes and only enjoy very specific brands of foods, whether that means 365 strawberry fruit bars, Entenmann's chocolate chip cookies or Pillsbury Vanilla Icing. Similarly, many people know that I live and die for only one ice cream: Haagen Daz Strawberry. This specific addiction is rooted in my childhood. Whenever my parents took my sister and me out for ice cream when we were little, we always stopped at Montgomery Mall to get my strawberry ice cream at Haagen Daz then drove to the Cabin John Mall to get ice cream at the rest of the family’s favorite place, Baskin Robbins.

My defense of this seemingly obsessive behavior is: Why would I want to eat any other brand when Haagen Daz Strawberry is already so delicious? I even tried to like Halo Top as a healthier alternative, but after one lick, I spat it out and realized I only will ever have one true love.

The smell of the ice cream is just delightful. Even when I am in the worst mood, the smell of the ripe, juicy red strawberries is enough to make me smile. The first lick is always the best as the creaminess of the fresh strawberries and milk melts on your tongue. As you devour this treat on a hot August afternoon under the blazing sun, you taste the strawberry bits and enjoy how cold and flavorful they are as you lick away the ice cream surrounding them and bite into the seeded fruit. You keep biting and licking until your cup is empty. You scoop all the remaining melted ice cream for the one final bite. Throwing away the empty ice cream cup is a painful experience for anyone.

Strawberry ice cream gives me a sense of comfort. I eat it when I feel happy, sad, angry or excited. When I went to Peru, I went to the mall and found a Haagen Daz. Despite my one-kiddie-cup-only rule (health galore), I missed ice cream so much that I went to go get a second. Come what may, I know my love for Haagen Daz Strawberry ice cream will persist.

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