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  • Laura Canseco

a1 beats: track 2

hi, i hope you are having a good day. in today’s track, i mixed newer, less familiar artists with more popular artists. enjoy.

1. “hawaiian boi”- triathalon

the waves in the background + guitar + soothing vocals = everything you need to relax to. if u really pay attention, the guitarist accidentally makes a mistake at 2:09, but it’s still a great song. you must listen to other triathalon songs to truly grasp the full palette of the music the band create. please listen to “distant,” “hard to move” and “south side.”

2. “dreamer” -charli xcx

yes. you might know her more mainstream pop songs, such as “boom clap,” “boys” and “1999,” but i believe that charli xcx’s electro pop music demonstrates her best work. her entire Pop 2[1] album went unrecognized, even though its songs like “unlock it” and “delicious” are some of her best songs in my opinion. side note: although tara kimiavi ‘19 says, “[charli xcx] looks like every brunette from new york i’ve ever met,” charli xcx is actually from england.

3. “cocaine” - Pink Sweat$

this is some chill r&b. the gradual bass and the later addition of the guitar complete this song. If you enjoyed “cocaine,” listen to “would you” as well.

4. “calvin’s joint” - mac ayres, declain miers

you might already be familiar with mac ayres (yes, he’s the one who sang “easy”). this song’s piano accompaniment allows you to take your mind off of stressful things and refocus back to reality.

5. “cycles” - tove lo

similarly to tinashe, tove lo seems to have been forgotten by everyone after her hit songs, “talking body,” “habits” and “cool girl”. if you liked those songs, i am here to tell you that you must listen to her entire album BLUE LIPS.

6. “gods and monsters” - lana del ray

just give it a listen, and you’ll see why i put this song on here. her songs “coachella” and “heroin” also are underrated.

7. “lil thing” - knox fortune

knox fortune produces beats for vic mensa and even won a grammy for his vocal contributions to Chance the Rapper’s Colouring Book. zada tiimob ‘20 introduced me to this quirky indie song. thank you, zada.

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