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  • Cristina Javens

Tina's Take: Turtlenecks and Tights

When I was younger, my mom forced me into turtlenecks just about every day of the winter season. I hated them. I felt restricted, confined and suffocated. When she tried to put me into ballet lessons, I resisted. Why? Because ballerinas had to wear tights, and I hated tights. Tights were like turtlenecks but all the way down to your legs. The asphyxiating feeling of nylon squeezing me like a sausage casing was most unappealing.

Oh, the irony.

Now, I am addicted to turtlenecks and tights. I anxiously wait for average temperatures to hit the mid-to-low 40’s, and I dread those awkward days where it is a bit too warm to sustain neck-to-toe coverage. Turtlenecks are just so classic. Successful people wear them: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Steve Jobs. They eradicate the chill that pours over your neck when a breeze passes.

Then there are tights. I quite honestly feel naked without my tights. I never understand why people are so adamant in school to wear sweatpants when tights are such a great (in-uniform) option. Think they aren’t warm enough? Get some fleece-lined ones. Think they aren’t fashionable? Think again. Think they aren’t comfortable? Look for your tights elsewhere. Tights are leggings and socks all in one.

Spring is coming soon, and as temperatures rise, I must cast away my turtlenecks and tights. In the warmer weather, I will feel empty and exposed. Flowers bloom, and I am left in a gloom. Appreciate the cold weather while it lasts, and make the most of your turtlenecks and tights.

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