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  • Pooja Addala

The Good, The Bad, The "Grey's Anatomy"

Since middle school, I refused to watch “Grey’s Anatomy.” I watched the first episode when I was thirteen, and I thought, “What is the point?” Literally every single person in my family is a doctor. I am living “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Until sophomore year, I refused to want to become a doctor. Living in a family full of them, I naturally wanted to be something different. I was set on becoming a lawyer because I am told I can be argumentative at times.

I remember loving other shows by Shonda Rhimes such as “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” but I refused to watch “Grey’s Anatomy.” I remember in middle school after binging on shows such as “Pretty Little Liars” or “The Vampire Diaries,” I would scroll through Netflix looking for potentially interesting shows. I would scroll across the “Watch Again” section, the “Popular on Netflix” section, but no matter how many times I saw “Grey’s Anatomy,” I would refuse to tap it. I refused because the show is not realistic, and I already knew all the cool medical jargon my family uses at dinner table. Up until the fall of my junior year, you would not catch me ever being close to watching anything even remotely related to “Grey’s Anatomy.”

This all changed after the worst four hours of my life, also known as the SAT. After my November SAT, I had nothing to do. I knew I wanted to relax, but I could not find anything to watch on TV. I reluctantly decided to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” because nothing could be less enticing than doing my math homework. Fast forward a few seasons later, I became a “Grey’s Anatomy” addict. I love watching the adventures of “McDreamy” or unrealistic surgeries. I cry because of all the tragic deaths and laugh at all the interns. In two years, I have watched all the episodes twice, and I am ashamed to say I have spent a Saturday night taking quizzes of which “Grey’s Anatomy” character I am.

Another change I experienced is that I now want to go into the medical field. I tried to force myself not to want to be a STEM major, but biology has been my favorite class for the past two years. I also secretly really enjoyed the rat dissection (despite me being against animal cruelty and animal dissections). I also like to read articles in medical journals and find them quite interesting.

Looking back on my early teenage years, I do not know whether my hatred against “Grey’s Anatomy” was some form of teenage angst or rebellion. However, I do know what the best solution to any bad, good, crazy or unexpected day is: to watch an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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