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  • Maddie McCormick & Victoria Velasco

Relationship Advice from "Love-Savvy Bears"

Hi, everyone!

In our previous posts, we have focused on giving Holton Girls dating advice using our limited knowledge from current and past relationships. This time, we decided to switch it up: we brought in the male perspective! When do we ever get the chance to ask another gender our slightly invasive, burning questions? The answer is never. On a windy February day, the two of us decided to go to Landon and gather some information regarding relationships from the incredibly love-savvy Bears.

In our video we asked seven of our senior Landon counterparts the following questions:

• Have you ever dated anyone? How long did it last?

• Are you currently in a relationship?

• What is your best piece of dating advice?

• What would you do if you liked two girls at the same time?

• Where would you take a potential significant other on a first date?

• How does social media affect relationships?

• What is the best gift you've ever received from a significant other?

• Opinion on PDA (Public Displays of Affection)?

We received eloquent responses from all of them but had to condense 20 minutes of footage into a three-minute highlight reel. Here are some statistics to summarize:

In conclusion:

1. For first dates, try to take the reigns and be assertive about where you want to go.


3. Make sure you like the person before you ask her/him out.

4. Social media can make people jealous.

5. Chick-fil-a (or any other food item for that matter) is always a solid gift.

6. Excessive PDA is gross -- keep it to yourself.

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