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  • Katie Smith & Maggie Meinhardt

Humans of Holton #2: Pretty Little Liars

Holton girls aren’t always perfect. Sometimes we have to tell a little (or big) lie to get our ways. We wanted to find out what lies Holton girls have told. So we asked them.

Senior 1: When I was seven, I thought my babysitter and I were friends, but she would only hang out with her boyfriend. She texted him all the time and always had him over. One day, I told the boyfriend that she didn’t want to date him anymore, and when my parents questioned me, I blamed it on the dog.

Junior 1: I broke drumsticks in preschool, and I hid them away. I felt so guilty that I gave them back shortly and cried for three days.

Senior 2: I threw a fairly large house party and got away with it. A guy punched a hole in the wall, but I fixed the hole before anyone came home.

Junior 2: I once got my cousin to sign parental papers so that I could get a tattoo. It didn’t work.

Senior 3: In middle school, I lost my expensive winter jacket. I knew my parents would be mad, so I went to the lost and found and took a similar black jacket. A week later, Mr. Shawe announced at assembly that someone had lost her black jacket. It was the one I had stolen from the lost and found. Later, when my mom asked if this was the jacket she bought me, I said “yes,” and I’ve worn it for five years since.

Senior 4: I wanted to sneak out to my boyfriend’s house without telling my parents, but I accidentally butt dialed my mom on the way. My boyfriend’s mom is friends with Ms. Salata, so she knew what happened and called me out in class.

Junior 3: One time, my neighbors and I were playing in a big pile of leaves. Our neighbor’s parents weren’t home, so we went to the pantry, took a bag of chocolate chips, and started eating them. Then our neighbors asked if we had the chocolate chips, so we lied and said “no,” but they saw chocolate chips on the ground. My parents made us go to our neighbor’s house to apologize.

Junior 4: When I was five, I said that my cousin and I were going to play in my room. I ended up locking us both in the room, and the adults had to take the door off. I just wanted to see if the door would lock.

Junior 5: My brother used to hide his vegetables in the house. One day, they rolled out from where they were hidden, and my parents were confused.

Junior 6: One night, I was leaving improv, and I thought it would be fun to keep doing my British accent, so I continued doing it in the uber. It turns out my uber was actually British, so I was like, ‘Shoot, do I keep going?’ So I did. He asked me where I was from, and I remembered reading about Cornwall somewhere, so I told him that’s where I came from. I told him I was just in the US for the school year. It was a 45 minute uber ride.

Junior 7: I lie every single day of my life. I don’t know which one to tell you first. Okay, so one time, I went to Korea by myself, and my aunt said that we’re going to Japan tomorrow. I was in Japan for the whole week, and my mom said, “I see you on find my friends, and you’re just not in Korea.” My mom didn't want me to go to Japan because she didn’t want my aunt to spend money on my flight, so I told her that it was a glitch. I got away with it for a mere two weeks.

Junior 7, once again (what a good girl): It was my first time sneaking out. I turned off find my friends and told my parents that it was because the iPhone update didn’t work. The second I turned it off, they got an email that I had turned it off. When I got home, they were sitting at the table with the “where have you been” face.

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