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  • Laura Canseco

a1 beats: track 1

i find myself qualified to run this music blog as i listened to over 74,000 minutes (or 51 days) of music in 2018, according to my spotify wrapped. i have some song recommendations for you to listen to in the car, in the shower, at your desk, or in your bed. my goal is to introduce you all to underrated artists from a vast range of genres. go follow my spotify playlist with all of the songs i mention below along with some other songs:

1. “what 2 do” - dean

the subtle transition from the piano to the full beat draws your ears into the music. this korean rnb artist never fails to deliver with his vocals. if you like this one, go listen to dean’s “21,” “i’m not sorry,” and “instagram” afterwards.

2. “do right” - glades

this is an upbeat, catchy pop song that instantly puts you in a better mood. the Glades are an indie pop Asian-Australian trio. if you like this song, i suggest also listening to their songs “dangerous,” “drive,” and “80 miles.”

3. “heaven” - justine skye

the intro of this song immediately pulls you in, and the strong bass uplifts the song. justine skye is an underrated, black female artist who produces excellent hip-hop music. if you like “heaven,” listen to “back for more,” “fun (ft. wale),” and “know myself.”

4. “thinking 2 much” - jeremy zucker

“thinking 2 much” is the perfect song if you’re in an angsty mood. if you recognize his name, you might know his song “all the kids are depressed,” in which he called attention to mental illness amongst adolescents and teens. if you like this song, listen to “desire,” “better off,” and “talk is overrated (ft. blackbear).”

5. “plans” - NIKI, Vory, 88rising

this is a chill song with a strong beat. NIKI is the main female vocalist for the hiphop label, 88rising, which mainly seeks to represent Asian artists. her other songs - “vintage,” “chilly,” and “pools” - also exhibit her delicate vocals.

6. “UDK” - olivia o’brien

“UDK” is another chill pop song you might find yourself listening to while doing homework. you might recognize olivia from her song with gnash, “i hate u, i love u”. if you like UDK, listen to “find what you’re looking for,” “love myself,” or “tequilawine.”

7. “C U Girl” - steve lacy

“C U Girl” is probably my favorite steve lacy song. he plays guitar for The Internet, a band. his first demo was entirely made on a phone, using garageband and a few other apps. his music demonstrates his amazing talent in guitar and vocals. if you like this song, listen to “Ryd,” “Dark Red,” and “Looks.”

8. “all mine” - PLAZA

a sexy rnb song with a very strong supporting bass. PLAZA is one of OVO’s (drake’s label) newer artists. if you like this song, listen to “personal” and “all night.”

9. “throw a fit” - tinashe

this is a super upbeat hip-hop song that will instantly put you in a lit mood. tinashe is definitely one of the most underrated female hip-hop artists right now. it seems as if everyone listened to “2 on” and “all hands on deck” and proceeded to forget about her. if you like “throw a fit,” listen to “company,” “player (ft. chris brown),” and “no drama (ft. offset).”

i hope you enjoyed reading my first blog entry. if you made it this far into the article, don’t forget to give me a thumbs up, to subscribe, and to turn on my post notifications. again, here’s the link to my playlist:

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