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  • Caroline Cascio

The Pleasure of Classical Music

Playing an instrument has always played a huge role in my life. From the age of three, I have always played an instrument. Music affects people mentally as well as physically. For me, it is my biggest outlet. When I am overwhelmed with school work, I always give myself a mental break by practicing my violin or listening to some of my favorite classical music playlists on Spotify. I love music also because it proves that one can accomplish anything with a little bit of practice.

Over the summer when I was preparing my concertos and Bach Partita for college auditions, there was a really hard cadenza in the middle of the first movement of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E major. For weeks, I spent hours practicing two lines of music, and each time I improved, but I was nowhere close to perfection. The week before I filmed my prescreening audition, I finally got the passage correct. I had never felt prouder of myself. I learned that with practice and confidence I was able to do something I did not think I could do at the beginning of the summer.

When it comes to school, I try to keep the same mindset I had while I was learning the cadenza. By keeping this mindset, I accomplish more in an hour than I would if I let myself get lost in my jumbled thoughts.

Even if you do not think classical music is your genre, I really encourage you to take a listen. Yes, it is doesn’t have lyrics, but I truly think classical music helps me focus and relax after a fast-paced day at school. There are plenty of types of classical music, and a lot of them have stories or backgrounds that are interesting and gives people a whole new perspective on the song. If you need any suggestions, I am happy to talk to you and share a few of my favorites!

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