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  • Michelle Jang

2019 Bucket List

Run this blog

Scribbling will be my medium! I pledge to step up my game and blog on politics, movies, books, music, makeup, and anything really (i.e. “Pride and Prejudice Fight-Off: Book vs. BBC vs. Movie,” “Everything I did wrong during my college application process,” etc.).

2. Take a trip around Europe with my dad

My dad and I have a significantly different traveling style from my mom. My mom is a stay-at-hotel-by-the-pool-and-drink-margarita kind of gal while my dad and I need to hit all the #1 through #25 spots on Yelp and TripAdvisor. My mom often can’t keep up with us power walking and does not enjoy spending six hours in one museum. My dad and I promised that the summer before I go off to college, we will spend two weeks “backpacking” (but not really backpacking because we will stay at hotels and won’t carry backpacks around) and see everything without Mom yelling at us from behind to slow down. I long to go to the Louvre and go see German castles. I most definitely want to go to Scotland and imagine myself in a scene of “Macbeth.”

3. Be a tour guide in Seoul for Holton friends

I haven’t visited Korea in almost eight years, so I don’t know if I would even be a good tour guide (probably not), but I really want to take my friends around and enjoy Seoul (and its eighteen year old drinking age) together. Yalda is coming with me in summer 2019.

4. Watch “Les Mis” West End

I have watched “Kinky Boots,” “Anastasia,” “Wicked,” and “Phantom of the Opera” so far both on Broadway and at the Kennedy Center and enjoyed every moment. It is my life goal to watch the 30th anniversary Royal Albert Hall “Les Mis” performance.

5. Experience the Ultimate DC Tourist Week

When I go off to college, my parents will both be in Korea, and I won’t have much chance to come back to the DMV over the break or anything. The summer before going off to college, I want to spend a full week taking in everything DC has to offer. I want to do the most touristy things one can do in DC. I will go to every museum and memorial.

6. Get my freaking license

I failed my license test. TWICE.

7. Get a healthy lifestyle

Have a more settled sleeping schedule. Stop eating junk. Work out (Wow, I haven’t worked out since June). I want to live a long, healthy life, so this one is probably a must.

8. Write a novel

I started a novel at my summer camp last year (because that’s what all the other campers did. They would just gather in circles and recite poems they wrote last night for fun. Plus, there was no other source of entertainment in Ithaca). No matter the initial motivation, I love the process and the aesthetic of writing a novel. It’s called New Light, and it’s a dystopian novel from the perspective of the dictator. I’m aiming to finish before April.

9. Sing at school

I initially thought that I wanted to hold a voice recital for my senior project, but because I now want to either do an internship or an It’s Ac intensive workshop or even fully dedicate my time to developing and writing for Scribbling before I leave, I don’t think a senior recital is an option any longer. However, I most definitely will participate in Coffeehouse and probably the Landon musical as well (2019 Spring Landon musical is Newsies!!!).

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