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  • Katie Smith and Maggie Meinhardt

Humans of Holton Episode 1: “One time…”

Have you ever wondered what the life of a Holton girl is actually like? Is everything really just plaid skirts, studying, and Starbucks? In this blog, we will uncover the secrets of the Upper School. These anonymous short stories will reassure you of what makes a true Holton girl.

XOXO, Gossip girl

Person 1: I was super sick for like a month because of my asthma. Sometimes, when I would jump, I would pee a little. I had to bring an extra pair of underwear to volleyball practice.

Person 2: One time I dove into a pool, and my suit fell off my body, so I got out.

Person 3: One time, my sister and I sent a snapchat of us singing ARW’s song “Watch Me” to ARW. Next thing we know: we are featured on her Instagram. We were pretty happy about that.

Person 4: One time, I threw up in chapel at my old school.

Person 5: A chicken that I named Julia pooped on me once at farming camp, which reminds me that I pooped on my older sister’s head when I was a baby.

Person 6: One time when I was younger, I made a rude remark about someone’s belly button being too hairy, and she was standing behind me and I had to continue being her camper for 2 more weeks.

Person 7: I have a fear of Adam’s Apples. One time I was watching a Holton-Landon play. There was a boy who was very skinny and had very visible Adam’s Apple. I started to get nauseous and ran outside. I passed out, and when I woke up, Ms. Craig gave me a mint and I went home.

Person 8: Someone tripped me when we were running on stage for Lip Sync. I was ready to shine for my Justin Bieber’s “Memory” performance, and someone pulled out their leg and tripped me and just kept on running.

Person 9: Back when I played sports, every time I broke a nail, I would just stick it back on with crazy glue.

Person 10: In fifth grade, I had an obsession with people feeling bad for me. I told my entire class that I had a best friend named Mimi who worked in a bread store in France and she died. I cried when I told the story even though it was a lie.

Person 11: In 4th grade, someone walked in while I was using the bathroom and turned off the lights.

Person 12: When I was in 2nd grade, I was wearing my pretty yellow dress, and I sat down and the whole front ripped. I was so young and didn’t have a bra or anything, so everyone saw everything.

Person 13: In 10th grade, I had to get source material for art, so I went to a farm. The workers directed me to a part of the farm, but when I got there, I heard a shot. A man standing with a gun said “Ma’am, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave”.

Person 14: I accidentally never returned a copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid to the lower school library

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