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  • Lily Schmandt

Lily Gets Into A Car Accident In Her Own Driveway

Lily woke up at a time when she normally leaves for school. She got ready as fast as she possibly could and ran downstairs only to find that her brother had parked her mom’s old Mercedes behind her car. Although she had been told that the she couldn’t drive the Mercedes because the accelerator was too “touchy,” she was running late. She successfully backed up the Mercedes and positioned it behind her father’s car. But then it all came crashing down when she touched the accelerator to pull up into the space. With just one light tap on the touchy accelerator, Lily hit her dad’s car and broke the fender on her mom’s car. The license plate was on the ground.

A couple of hours later in English class, when Mrs. Squeglia announced, “Time for our check-in,” Lily looked up from her desk and informed her teacher, “Mrs. Squeglia, I’m crying.” Her classmates reported that car accidents and fender benders are indeed regular occurrences for junior drivers.

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