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  • Maddie McCormick & Victoria Velasco

Dating Advice

As Holton girls, we are infamous for not knowing how to interact with the opposite gender. Life requires building solid relationships, whether it be romantic or friendly.

Here are a few tips to ensure (slightly) successful (high school) relationships.

DISCLAIMER: We are not certified psychiatrists and are in no way qualified to be giving life advice. Use advice at your own risk.

1. How does one secure the BAG (boyfriend/girlfriend)?

As cheesy as it sounds, BE YOURSELF! If a guy or girl can’t appreciate you for who you are, then he or she is in no means “worth it.” Find someone who treats you like the downright queen you are!

2. How do you talk to boys/girls?

As much as we’d love to give a straightforward answer, it really depends on the person and his/her interests. Find out what the person likes and take it from there. Since, however, you’re probably looking for a solid pickup line, here are some of our favorite conversation starters:

  1. “I like your shirt.”

  2. “Any fun plans this weekend?”

  3. “Did you go to _____ this past weekend?”

  4. “What music have you been listening to lately?”

  5. “Tell me your life story.”

3. Cute date ideas!

  • Picnic

  • Ice skating

  • Apple/pumpkin picking

  • Movie marathon with comfort food

  • Drive-in movie

  • Thrifting

  • Checking out your local animal shelter and petting some animals

  • Washing your cars together

  • Going to a bubble tea cafe and playing some board games

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