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  • Eden Halpert

Eden Struggles To Greet People During Morning Assembly

Every B, C, D, and F day, Eden struggles to come up with a morning greeting.

Does she do something peppy like a “call and response” or get right down to business with just a simple and quick “good morning"? Maybe she can choose to call attention to the day of the week with a “Happy Friday” or “Happy Hump Day.”

It is a daily struggle for this local teen. Her main goal is not to seem awkward. As she slowly traverses across the stage in her funky socks and old silver Birkenstocks, Eden interrupts the morning gaggles and the epic tales about last night’s homework assignments. Eden reports that her support in this morning dilemma are her dedicated classmates in the front row of the senior section.

Cristina Javens ’19, a daily front-row sitter, shared, “Eden always says good morning a little off-center on the stage then smiles sweetly! I watch as no one says good morning back, and then I wave and exclaim good morning.”

Eden believes that fans like Cristina make the awkwardness all worth it!

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