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  • Sara War

17 and Oh, Well

There was a legend about the well in the garden.

A fairytale that said, If you fall down this well

It won’t end very swell!

But if you fall down this well,

You’ll have a fantastic story to tell.

Because at the bottom of this well,

You’ll find only the mystical bell.

No one ever knew what this “mystical bell” even did

And yet, as soon as I turned 17,

My friends and I grabbed the longest rope

We could ever find,

And we threw it down this magical well.

But as soon as we did, the well swallowed the rope.

Stole it, right out of our hands, leaving us with burns.

But Sammy was holding it the tightest,

The well swallowed them up too.

At 17, we were all scared,

Our lives had barely even begun, really.

And so we ran as fast and as hard as we could.

And we told the story of the well and bell.

Everyone simply laughed at us and said,

Don’t you know there’s no one named Sammy?



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