March '22

The March Issue theme is "March Madness!" Read about the NCAA basketball tournament and other things students are "mad" about this March.

February '22

The February Issue is a collaboration with Holton's PUNCH club in honor of the international fashion weeks and PUNCH's upcoming fashion show this spring. 

January '22

New year, new articles! All the writing in this issue focuses on the theme "New."


December '21

The December Issue is a celebration of Winter Break and the winter Holidays. Read 15 thoughtful and funny articles about the season. 


November '21 Issue 2

November Issue 2 is a collaboration with SPECTRUM to examine LGBTQIA representation both in our community and through a wider lense.

November '21 Issue 1

Read November Issue 1, a collaboration with the Environmental Awareness Club in honor of Native American Heritage Month and the No Waste November Challenge!